Not able to create new project for Visa Token Service


Not able to create new project for Visa Token Service

Hi, I just wanted to try with Visa Token Service. In fact I was using it with my previous credentials (which I forgot now), and trying to create a new project for Visa Token Service. This time it shows Visa Token Service API are restricted and contact

Can anyone please help me?

I am into exploring Tokenization Services Capabilities from Visa and other networks to complete my one test application. 


Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Not able to create new project for Visa Token Service



Thanks for asking for help on the Visa Developer Community! I'm excited to work with you to get you access to this restricted API product. Can you please submit this content access request inquiry via email to


After you submit the email inquiry, someone will work with you to help you obtain access. You'll also need to complete some additional steps to get access approved to the Visa Token Service API (if you haven't completed them already) and the steps will be provided to you after you submit the email inquiry.


To reset the password, please use this link -


When changing your password, please make sure to follow these guidelines - your password should NOT contain three or more consecutive characters from email ID, first name and last name. Also, please make sure your password does not contain three consecutive numbers like 123. While changing password, please make sure you are putting your email address as how you have entered it in the system, using lowercase or uppercase for characters that you had used lowercase or uppercase on.


Please let me know if you have other questions and I'll be happy to help you out!

Thank you,



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