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VISA Resolve API

My company develops solutions for financial institutions to help automate debit card dispute investigation and resolution.    We are looking to automate the chargeback process for VISA issuers and from what research I have done, the VISA Resolve API is what we need in order to accomplish this.  So, I attempted to reach out to VISA developer support and was told I needed a VISA Online account in addition to a developer account.  Then I was told I need a Organization BID to move forward and was that the licensing team would be in touch with me.  I have yet to be contacted and I have now been passed on to four different groups within VISA.  Does anyone have any guidance as to what is required to access the VROL API?

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Re: VISA Resolve API

Hi @jalfano,Thank you for reaching out. One of our agents will get back to soon. Until then, if any community members have information you feel may help, please reply to this thread. 

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Hi @jalfano,


Visa assigns the BID to its clients. The BID is a number through which Visa bills their clients. To receive a BID, you will have to become a Visa client. To get started, please create a project and follow the instructions in the Working with Visa APIs guide using this link. 



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Re: VISA Resolve API

Hello MaximTimeClock@jalfano,


Accessing the VROL API seems to require a few steps according to the information available:

Visa Online Account: You need to have a Visa Online account in addition to a developer account. If you don’t have access to Visa Online, you can request access by clicking ‘Enroll Today’ on the Visa Online website.
Organization BID An Organization BID is necessary to move forward. This is likely part of the process to ensure that your company is recognized as a legitimate entity by Visa.
Licensing Team Contact: It appears that the licensing team should be in contact with you to proceed. If you have not been contacted yet, it might be helpful to reach out to them again or seek assistance through the Visa Developer Community forums.
Technical Specifications For integrating with the VROL/VCR system, you will need the business and technical specifications, which might be available on Visa Online once you have access.
API Documentation The API documentation for VROL might not be readily available on the developer portal. However, you can look for updates or inquire about it on the Visa Developer Community forums.
Real-Time Systems Interface Technical Suite For the technical details, you might need to refer to the Real-Time Systems Interface Technical Suite, which can be found in the Visa Online environment after logging in.
It’s important to note that navigating corporate support structures can be challenging, and it may require persistence and possibly reaching out multiple times through different channels.

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