VISA 'tag'


VISA 'tag'

Hi, I own a Group Buying Scheme where my members receive discounts based on deals I negotiate with vendors eg supermarkets, utility companies, local businesses etc. I am not a programmer but I am looking to establish if I can have certain functionality with VISA debit & credit cards. 

I would like to add a 'tag' or label to my members cards, with their written permission, so that vendors know which card payments to rebate the discount to. I am asking if such a tag system is available or could be created in this developer field to allow the vendor identify which payments come from our members and which do not. 

Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: VISA 'tag'

Hi @Richy011,


We don't have an API on Visa Developer that allows you to add tags to Visa cards. If you are looking for APIs that enable you to deliver offers to your customers, please check out the below products in the Offers and Benefits category:

Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center

Visa Card Eligibility Service



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