Visa L3 Certification

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Visa L3 Certification

 Question1 ) IN VISA L3 Testing, do we need to submit VISA Host Simulator logs together with CCRT file ? what total files need to be submitted to VOL CCRT Tool ?  

Question2) do we have to submit 2 CCRT files. 1 for contact and 1 for contactless or Dual interface should be selected ?
  in recent upgrade to VISA L3 testing the advt and cdet ccrt file is i think deprecated in favour of the TSEZ file. i do not understand how these files are submitted to VISA 

can you please guide how to submit VISA HOST LOGS to visa ? 
question3) how many files need to be submitted to visa in addition to the ccrt xml file ? 
Question4) How do we connect to the VISA Host Simulator with the Payment Card Test Tool ? such as FIME or UL BrandTestTool ?
i badly need some help... any tutorial or guide or video will help me or any guidance ... thanks.
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Re: Visa L3 Certification

Hi @umart94


Because L3 Chip Testing is a restricted product, please reach out to your Visa Representative or reach out to for help.