Visa virtual card

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Visa virtual card

Hi. Want to create a mobile app wallet which will provide visa virtual pre-paid card to user in order to allow them to make online payment. So i want to know which api i must use.
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Re: Visa virtual card

Hey @JoshNakamoto24,


We're happy to help answer your question. Per your digital wallet use case, the Visa Token Service API would be a good fit. 
If you are a card on file merchant, then Visa Token Service may be an option for you if you are looking to tokenize to reduce risk. For Visa Token Service, the card itself is tokenized by the merchant so they can charge the card without storing the PAN. How you are looking to handle the data will depend on whether or not you are a good potential fit for Visa Token Service. 


As a first step to learning more about this Visa Token Service, contact your Visa Account Executive, Gateway or Acquiring partner and/or visit our detailed product page at Visa Ready. You can also submit queries through Visa Ready using the ‘Contact Us’ link. 



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