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How do I open a Visanet account for an existing company?

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Istvan Nemeth

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Re: Visanet

Hey @Nisti,


You've reached the Visa Developer Platform where you can integrate with Visa's APIs according to your needs.
Please take a look at our API Browser page for all Visa Developer APIs exposed through the platform and pick the right one that fit your needs. Click here to go to our API Browser - 
If you're looking for Payment Methods APIs to integrate with VisaNet, please refer to this link - 


If you're looking for direct access to VisaNet, we suggest you to check the Visa Payments Processing (VPP) APIs. I've provided VPP documentation links below.

VPP Overview - 
VPP Documentation - 


To get in contact with someone about your VisaNet account inquiry, please fill out the Contact Visa Form below, fill it out with what type of entity you are, ask your question and then click submit.
Contact Visa Form - 


Please Note:

• The authorizations would happen through VisaNet, our electronic payments network.
• Only Financial institutions such as issuer/acquirer banks get an access to VisaNet. Very large merchants also get VisaNet access through different services.


For more information on VisaNet, please navigate to this link - 




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