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Hi Everyone,

I am new to Visa Developer Center and the Community and need help with basics.

My client, who is a processor, has share his VMPI API with me for integrating it into our app that will respond to the inquiries by the issuing banks on behalf of our merchants that we provide processing for. On that note, the API is in sandbox on my dashboard. On that note I have the following questions:
1. How do I get started. Where do I start coding so issuing bank inquiries come to my CRM and I transmit transaction information back to the issuing bank's dispute analyst.
2. Do I have to also sign up for Visa Resolve Online. As mentioned, I already have the VMPI, API?
3. Does Visa Developer center offer live voice support? I get error messages everytime I try to Email questions in Visa Developer Center
4. I will be offering this service for many of our merchants and on that note it appears that each merchant has to participate in the Visa Merchant Inquiry System, each needs approval from the acquiring bank, and each MID needs to integrate with Visa Resolve Online. On that note, what are the procedures for the above requirements. And are there forms for such.

5. Also if you are a free lance professional and know what you are doing around VROL and VMPI give me a call. I may want to hire you. My name is Doug Vaughan. Phone is _____. And my Email is _____. 

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Re: basics

Hey @DirectResponseP,


That's great to hear that you're interested in using Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) for your project.   Recently, Visa has acquired Verifi, a leader in technology solutions that reduce chargebacks.  Visa and Verifi will be integrating our solutions to provide the best-in-class dispute resolution tools.   

To get started with VMPI, you'll need to contact Verifi directly at or (888) 398-5188 and Verifi will be happy to support you through the process.  Please mention “VMPI” in your email subject for the best possible service. Have a good day!




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