Hemen API lerin ortaklığını almak istiyorum


Hemen API lerin ortaklığını almak istiyorum

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Re: Hemen API lerin ortaklığını almak istiyorum

Thank you for letting us know, @Mekaska . We are escalating this issue to the team now and an agent will get back to you with any updates. - Cathy

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Re: Hemen API lerin ortaklığını almak istiyorum

Hi @Mekaska


Thanks for your patience! 


Are you referring to becoming a Visa Partner or promoting your current VDP project to production?


If you are interested in becoming a Visa Partner or working with a Visa Partner, please visit https://partner.visa.com/  


To promote your project into Production, please follow the steps below:  

  1. Log in to the Developer Portal 
  2. Click on Create New Project 
  3. Specify Project Name and Project Description 
  4. Select the APIs you are interested in to use in your project 
  5. Select Generate a CSR for me (default) or Submit my own CSR 
  6. 6. In the menu on the left side of the project page, click “Going Live”  
  7. Provide the information requested in the Going Live form, and complete the “Going Live Request Form” 
  8. Click “Submit” 


Once completed, your information will be reviewed by our internal teams and either enabled or disabled based on the results of the investigation. Please note, completing this form does not guarantee production access will be granted. All requests to be taken into production require valid Business information to be submitted in the Going Live Request. Failure to use valid information may return an error when completing the form to request Production access. 


How to Create a Project - https://developer.visa.com/pages/working-with-visa-apis/create-project  

Going Live With Visa Developer Project - https://developer.visa.com/pages/going-live