Payment Gateway Provider (similar to Stripe)

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Payment Gateway Provider (similar to Stripe)

Hi everyone,

I am Adhitya, Founder of QuickPay I am making a payment service provider for developers to integrate on their sites. I have a few doubts,

1) To whom does the AcquirerCountryCode and AcquirerBIN correspond to the payment service provider i.e my company account or the account of my client business/company who has integrated my payment service provider.

2) How does the money flow work like i want to take payment from the consumer put a cut of it in my account and the rest to my clients account.How should I go about it ?

3) How does one accept international payments , is there anything special to be done for that ?
i tried going through the Glossary and Developer Docs to understand completely but still confusion remains. For now I have implemented both Push and Pull transaction API with Payment Account Validation as well.
Right Now I am taking the AcquirerCountryCode and BIN as a blackbox variable.
Please help.
Much appreciated!
Founder QuickPay

IIT Kanpur