CallBack JSON Object Attributes

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CallBack JSON Object Attributes

Where can we find the various attributes that Visa Callback URL Objects have so that we can understand what are the attributes around which we can build code?

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Re: CallBack JSON Object Attributes



Thanks for being part of the Visa Developer Community! Once you register a callback URL for a Project, Visa Developer issues an HTTP POST request to the URL specified every time that event occurs. The request's POST parameters will contain XML/JSON data relevant to the event that triggered the request.


Please refer to Getting Started with Visa Developer documentation via this link -


We have sandbox testing and API Explorer available for you to see sample code and start testing.


You can access sandbox testing by navigating to the product API of your choice. Please follow the steps below to locate Sandbox Code Explorer.


Steps to Start Using Sandbox Code Explorer

  1. Navigate to API Browser and choose an API that best fits your business case -
  1. From the main API page click on 'View Docs'
  1. On the API documentation page, on the right side of the browser click on 'API Reference'
  1. On the API Reference page navigate to the right side of the browser and you will find the Code Explorer. Please use the Code Explorer to see the Request and Sample Response.


In addition to that, please take a look at our API Explorer. API Explorer lets you choose the Product API, Endpoint and Method to see the Request and Response. Here is the link to API Explorer -


Please let me know if you have other questions or need further assistance.


Thank you,





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Re: CallBack JSON Object Attributes

Hi Dinesh,

In case you are looking for the Callback API documentaion for Visa Direct / mVisa try the link below.


If this is not something that you are looking for then please elaborate your question.


-- Ved