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Looking level 3 Data requirments (e.g. Detail Commodity Code Values)



I'm working on submitting level 3 data using Cybersource.  I'm looking for more information about the data that is required.  For example what values are allowed and\or what data is used for.


For example, for the Item Commodity Code the documentation at Paymentech just says "Accepted values of this field are defined by Visa" and Paymentech support says "It is a required field by Visa (and MasterCard)…"  Cybersource Says to ask Paymentech.


Is there somewhere I can get a list of what the data fields and what values should be placed in them on the VISA side?


Thanks and have a great day,


- Mike Lawrence 

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Re: Looking level 3 Data requirments (e.g. Detail Commodity Code Values)



Thanks for posting a CyberSource question to the developer community forum and you're asking a really good question too! Since you're inquiring about CyberSource, can you please send an email of this inquiry to


We have a CyberSource expert team, that's dedicated to answering questions related to this API, so I'd like to connect you to the right people who can help you out with this.


Please let us know if you have other questions.


Thank you,


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