Reasons of why VDC has not reply our messages


Reasons of why VDC has not reply our messages

I have been helping my client of Fundacion Atlantida A.C. in making him a web page, communicating with you and making the modifications on the web page so it can have the visa check out button. For some reason you haven't reply our mails after we call and we send the emails to prove that we have a shopping cart and services available in our web page Mr. Jose Manuel Espinoza and me are fully aware that there are some requirements for a web page to make the button work such as the shopping cart, products, services and Merchant Service Provider. Mr. Jose Manuel Espinoza and me are doing the necessary modifications in our web page in order to get the visa check out button to work but yet there is no response from visa development center as for why is the button not working. Is it because the web page doesn't have the necessary requirements? Is it because an issue of the hosting? Or something else? I will please ask that you respond to this message to _____ the soonest possible and not from an auto reply mail but from a visa development center representative personally so we can have better understanding that why is this visa check out button not working and what can we do in order to make it work to continue our businesses with your company.

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Reasons of why VDC has not reply our messages

Hi @alltruismo100,


Thanks for your patience. I will work on connecting you with a Visa Checkout representative, to whom will be able to provide you with further assistance and answer your questions. Someone will reach out to you soon.


While you wait for a response, feel free to try the following to ensure that the email is able to reach its destination. 

  • In some cases, the email might get caught in a spam filter and you won’t receive the email. Please check your spam, trash and archived folders.
  • Due to your company's firewall security, the email may not be coming to your company's email address.
  • Please check your proxy setting which might be blocking the email.




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