404 on all sandbox call

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404 on all sandbox call


I got 404 on all my requests to https://sandbox.api.visa.com/unified/tr/v1/token-requestors

    "responseStatus": {
        "message""Requested route not found",


It's a sandbox Url for Token Gateway TR Onboarding. At least I see it in the API description here https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/token-gateway/reference#tag/TR-Onboarding-API_/paths/~1unifi...

But it seems that Url doesn't work


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Re: 404 on all sandbox call

Thank you for reaching out, @mdervel! An agent will look into this and get back to you soon. If any community members know a solution, please feel free to respond in this thread. -Jenn

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Re: 404 on all sandbox call

Hi @mdervel


To help assist you further, are you a North America Issuer, Processor, or FinTech?


If not, since your request does not appear to be related to an active project implementation with Visa resources, as a first step to learning more about this product, please contact either your Visa Account Executive, Gateway or Acquiring partner, and/or visit our detailed Product page at Visa Ready. You also can submit specific queries about the product through Visa Ready using the “Contact Us” link.