Card on File on the Sandbox

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Card on File on the Sandbox

Hi Visa team,

I'm having some issues using Postman to call the card on file API on your sandbox. I am getting the following response every time:

"status": 400,
"code": "9123",
"severity": "ERROR",
"message": "Expected input credential was not present",
"info": ""

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Card on File on the Sandbox

Hi @cosmin-minna,


"Expected input credential was not present" error usually occurs when the credentials used are invalid. Card on File API also requires Message Level Encryption. Please ensure that you are encrypting the request payload with your MLE credentials.


Please check out this webinar on how to configure Two-way SSL with openSSL and test on Postman:


Please refer to the MLE tutorial in the below link:


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