Looking for "GetSupportedWallets" SDK's alternanative accessable from backend

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Re: Looking for "GetSupportedWallets" SDK's alternanative accessable from backend

Hi @chucknegek,


To answer your question, it's YES, there are other Token Lifecycle-related APIs that clients may consider using to obtain a PAN’s token status-related data, including the Token Inquiry by PAN API. However, a client will be limited to information associated with their own supported apps. They will not necessarily be able to determine that the card was provisioned to a wallet using other apps or channels.


It is important to note, that if a client elects to use alternate API calls to obtain the wallet status information for a card, if they are using the VDE SDK, they will still have to execute the required preliminary calls in the provisioning flow, starting with getSupportedWallet. They will NOT be able to bypass this call in the flow. So, use of another API to obtain the same information that will also be obtained via the VDE SDK flows may introduce extra time in their overall user experience.



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