New project api visa

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New project api visa

I have questions about your: how to manage a client's funds like inflows and expenses and deposits on your platform, what are the configurations or is there a condition? do you have pci dss certificate? do you have security conditions? how to manage new cards, is it possible in your platform to generate card numbers and cvc, cvv and 3d secure?
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Re: New project api visa

Thank you for your questions, @Liluziman07! An agent will get back to you with more information soon. In the meantime, if any community members have information that you feel may help, please reply here.  -Jenn

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Re: New project api visa

Hi @Liluziman07,


What is your use case? What are you trying to do? For inflows, expenses and deposits, please take a look at our Payment Methods APIs from our API Browser page here: 


Please also refer to our API Browser page and take a look at our API products that would be a good fit for your use case. 


You can also filter your search to Payment Methods by navigating to the left side of the API Browser page and check marking the Payment Methods box. Once you find an API product that fits your use case, you can take a look at its documentation for more information on configurations and conditions. 


Visa is a processor, not an issuer, and does not issue Visa debit, credit, prepaid, gift, and/or physical cards. Visa works with issuing banks to issue Visa cards. Essentially, you will need to be a licensed financial institution in order to issue cards.


If you have a virtual card use case, the Visa Token Services APIs ( are the closest thing to being a good fit for a virtual card use case. You can visit our detailed product page at Visa Ready to submit any specific queries about the product through Visa Ready using the ‘Contact Us’ link. 



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