Sandbox API Testing

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Sandbox API Testing


I am new for visa sandbox development actually I have go through the documentation and video tutorials and I configured the two way SSL accordingly but when I test the foreign exchange AIP I got the following error.

"errorResponse": {
"status": 500,
"reason": "3004",
"message": "An error occurred while processing the request. Please contact your Visa Representative.",
"details": []


Please can you help me on this?

Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Sandbox API Testing

Hi @abellonegn,


Please check out the below tutorial on how to test the Visa Enhanced FX Rate API using Postman. You can follow the same steps to create a project in Visa Developer, add the Foreign Exchange Rates API to your project, download the certificates, and configure Postman to test the Foreign Exchange Rates API.


If you continue to get an error, please share the following details so we may take a look:

  1. End Point URL
  2. Request Header
  3. Request Body
  4. Response Header (include the x-correlation-id)
  5. Response Body





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