"The provided token cannot be found"


"The provided token cannot be found"

I'm currently working in the implementation of the E-Commerce API. Now I'm trying to implement gettransactionhistory endpoint (https://cert.api.visa.com/unified/tr/v1/gettransactionhistory) but I have this error response: 


400 : "{"statusCode":"9006","statusMessage":"The provided token cannot be found","conversationId":"03799574-475e-453b-bf6e-940e5180918a","messageId":"e41784b3-ca65-49dc-ab62-e181788b16b7"}"


For testing purposes what's the current flow I should be testing this? Right now I'm using the tokenReferenceId value included in the reference page, although they're values for the sandbox and not cert. Is there any source where I can find working values?


Thank you so much.



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Re: "The provided token cannot be found"

Thank you for reaching out, @PavelOcampo! An agent is looking for a solution for you and will get back with you shortly! If any community members know a solution, please feel free to respond in this thread.

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Re: "The provided token cannot be found"

Hi @PavelOcampo,


The endpoint you're using indicates that you're testing in the Certification environment, hence, please send this inquiry via email to developer@visa.com for assistance. In your email, please indicate the region you are from and an API Specialist will be assigned to help you. 



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