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API Question

Could anyone help me figure out which API's I would need to build a visa bebit card that pulls from Dwolla, much like the shift payments card, but also be able to print them myself using a card once machine so I can issue cards to members in my organization ? 


I imagine I would need access to some api where I would send the members name, address, and ssn as part of the know your customers rule and then burn the info onto the plastic card using the machine, or maybe create generic no name cards but just something like a purchace card where the name is not necessary just the organization name sort of like the pre-paid reladable visa debit cards. 


Do I have to be a financial institution to issue Visa debit cards? The customer accounts are all ready in the financial institution system inside of Dwolla. 


Just trying to find a soltution, thanks.





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Re: API Question

Hi @check1two,                             


Visa is a processor, not an issuer and does not issue Visa debit/credit/prepaid/gift/physical/virtual cards. Visa works with issuing banks to issue Visa cards. For services related to the issuance of cards, you will need to find an issuing bank to issue cards. Please contact a local issuer bank.


Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case. https://developer.visa.com/  


Please follow the steps in the “Get Started” link below to register and create a Visa Developer application.



This guide walks you through the key steps for application creation, credentials, and connection validation.


If you are ready after testing your App in sandbox, send us a production request and we will evaluate your Application and other credentials.




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