Is there a transactions API?


Is there a transactions API?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask about this. Generally speaking, is there a way to access one's transaction history via an API? I've created an app that allows me to visualize my spending in bar graphs, etc., similar to how Mint works except I can customize my own categories which helps me get a better visual of how I'm spending my money.


Anyhow, is there anything like this out there? Or would this type of thing have to be implemented by each of the credit card issuers for each of my credit cards? Any help or advice is appreciated, obviously companies like Mint and a few others are already doing this so it seems like it should be possible.

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Getting transactional Data is not possible through an API. Transactional Data is the property of the card holders and the card issuers/banks. in the case mentioned below, you have to get consent from the card holders who are enrolling with your App, which may not be an issue. however, taking consent(meeting legal requirements) of an issuer/banks to provide you this data may be difficult. companies who has these Apps are from the companies which works as transaction processor and are technology partners of the banks(may have special contracts in place)


I hope that is helpful.