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Magento 2

Hello everyone,,

I m currently a Prestashop user and new project is coming up where I'll be creating new online store. Thinking of trying Magento for change. I read lot's of bad reviews on internet , YT doesn't express much difference between PS and MG , just that PS is more user friendly.

From what I see so far, the PS has a larger ? or more active community / developers . Addons / extensions ( cheaper? ) . The new 1.7 ( although still not stable ) has friendlier mobile BO environment. I would like to compare and make my very own judgment. Is there any chance to try MG demo without installing it ? Like PS offers , just to play around, try create product, category etc. I also wrote an email to MG sales / demo answer. That confirms what says on customer service , or am I wrong?

The new project is not going to be a massive online shop, just around 100 items and for me is important SEO tools with template adjustments. So any other recommendations are welcomed. Thanks.



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Re: Magento 2

Hey Helsinki ,


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