Mass payments


Mass payments

I would like to understand the capabilities of VISA APIs. Or what I am allowed and what I am not. I have a task to setup up a routine to collect credit card info and pay some small amounts to a large number of customers.

Could this task be achieved? So from my understanding I shall need:

1. A vault where I shall store the collected card info;

2. Some API which allows me to pay small amounts to card holder.

What would be the commission fees for each transaction?

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Mass payments

Hello nomadus,


Yes, your business case can be achieved using Visa APIs. Please take a look at our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case -

Particularly, please take a look at our Payment Methods category via the link below to see the APIs that best fit your business case. For example, Visa Checkout APIs are great for storing credit card information and this could be a good fit for your use case. I have also included some links to APIs that provide payment services for you to take a look at.

Documentation > API Docs > Payment Methods


Visa Checkout Documentation

CyberSource Payments

Visa Direct


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