Payment Account Attributes Inquiry & Apple Pay DPAN's

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Payment Account Attributes Inquiry & Apple Pay DPAN's



We have an interesting problem regarding Apple Pay DPAN's and the BIN information on the DPAN.


We want to block debit cards from being used in certain scenarios. Normally to do this we would do a lookup on the BIN information for the FPAN to see if the card is debit.


However since Apple Pay uses a DPAN this is not possible as the DPAN's BIN is normally unrelated to the FPAN. E.g. a customer has an FPAN with BIN 462263 (Visa Debit - ING - Australia). When they enter this FPAN into Apple Pay, Apple Pay generates a DPAN with BIN 441732 (Visa Credit - Banco Popular - Costa Rica).


Since the DPAN is categorised as Credit, even though the FPAN is Debit, we're unable to block this card.


If we supply the Apple Pay DPAN to the Payment Account Attributes Inquiry API, will it report the correct category (debit)?




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Re: Payment Account Attributes Inquiry & Apple Pay DPAN's

Hey @jayteefz,


I'm happy to help answer your query. I'll take a look and get back to you soon. Please let us know if you have other questions and someone will be happy to help.  

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