Processing payment via Visa Checkout


Processing payment via Visa Checkout

So, I wanted to implement the Visa Checkout on my website. So far, I have added the Visa Checkout button, added javascript SDK.js, did the onVisaCheckoutReady() function call in order to retrieve the Call Id. Used the Call Id in the server side to do a XPayTokenCall. Tested the GetPaymentData api (payment/data/{callId}). Everything was looking good. However, now I am wondering, if I can process the payment via Visa Checkout. I actually wanted to make it work like Paypal (how it processes Sale/Authorization kind of transactions). Can you let me know if I can actually process the payment just like Paypal, or do I need yet another Payment Processor in order to do process the payment? My website is currently using Curbstone as the Payment Processor and not sure if it works with Visa Checkout. 


There are so many clients that want to integrate with VISA checkout. But so far, we don't have any website that has this integration. So if we can get this answered quickly, that would be great. Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you again

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Re: Processing payment via Visa Checkout



Thanks for your question! We have an expert team that manages questions specific to the Visa Checkout product. Please submit this inquiry to and someone will connect you to the expert team soon!


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