Re: Purchase notification and loading money?

Purchase notification and loading money?


Is there a way to be notified when a prepaid/gift card has insufficient funds at the time of purchase.  I'd like to load money on the card so the card will get an approved status.  This all has to happen seamlessly so even the person swiping the card doesn't know.


Can someone point me to the correct api or git repo?


Re: Purchase notification and loading money?

I just read which is similar to what I want and you guys cant do it... I can see so many application for something like this.  


How do debit cards work then?

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Re: Purchase notification and loading money?

Hi ShiftySituation,

Yes, Consumer tansaction controls is the API provided by Visa which allows consumer to controls the card behavior by setting properties such as,

1. type of transactions (Ecommerce,contractless,ATM,International etc)  for which Card can be used.

2. On which Merchant types the card can be used for payments

3. Enabling/disabling the card

4. Setting Spending limits on the card

5. Setting Alerts etc.

This capability needs to be provided by a issuer via a ibanking application which can be mobile, web etc.

Coming to your question, Consumers can set a alert threashold for their spending amount of the debit card based on a particular time frame such as DAILY,WEEKLY, MONTHLY etc. When this limit is reached consumer will be notfied via some pre configured media such as SMS.

Check the #spendLimit property in,