Registration of Merchant

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Registration of Merchant

Hello everyone,,

I’m new to the VISA developer community, I am working on an app where I need to make and receive payment so I want to know "Is there any API regarding merchant registration"?

How customer can register as a merchant.

Please provide details.



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Re: Registration of Merchant

Hey @Macgomes,


Can you please provide us with more details on your use case for "merchant registration"? What is it that you are trying to do with the "merchant registration"?


You can check out our website to find specific APIs that would be a good fit for your use case using these links below -
For Payment Methods, please take a look at the following APIs.
Payment Methods APIs        
Visa Checkout
VCO Overview -
VCO Documentation -  
CyberSource Payments
API Overview -  
CyberSource Payments Documentation -   
Visa Direct
Visa Direct Overview -
Visa Direct Documentation -  
In particular, if you are interested in using Visa Direct, see the top few paragraphs that are shaded in yellow that discuss the requirements to use Visa Direct.
After having read the documentation, if you meet those requirements, then please click through the link in those paragraphs to the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire, fill it out, and submit to the email address listed on that form.
If you're interested in B2B payments, we use the B2B APIs for automating payments. Also, B2B Connect APIs are only available to Banks and their authorized technology providers. B2B Connect APIs allow payments between corporates that are routed via banks to the platform.
B2B Virtual Account Payment Method
B2B Virtual Account Payment Method API Overview -
B2B Virtual Account Payment Method Documentation -
Visa B2B Connect
Visa B2B Connect Overview -
Visa B2B Connect Documentation -


Are any of the above APIs of interest to you? Please let me know and I'd be happy to help you get started!




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