VOP merchant onboarding

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VOP merchant onboarding



We're using VOP and merchant onboarding is giving us some hard time. Most accurate way to onboard merchant is using BIN/CAID combination. 
We can get our hands on CAID pretty easily and merchants have that information. But  Aquiree BIN is something that no one knows. Anyone has any experiences how to find out merchants Aquirer Identifier (Aquirer BIN) ? 

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Re: VOP merchant onboarding

Thank you for reaching out, @Saq1! An agent is looking into this for you and will get back to you soon. If any community members know of a solution, please feel free to respond here! - Jenn

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Re: VOP merchant onboarding

Hi @Saq1,


I've provided the information below to help you with your inquiry.


For Merchant and Third Party Inquiries 

Any Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service inquiries must be submitted by your Acquirer to the Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service team that manages the program. 


For more information about the VBASS program, please visit Visa.com/VBASS 


To discuss your specific case and to start the process, please contact your Acquirer.  


For Acquirer and Processor Inquiries 

For more information about the program, please visit VBASS Visa Online Page. Details and FAQ about the available Visa API solutions can also be found on Visa Developer Center. 


The Visa BIN Attribute Service team can further assist you with your inquiry (please see contact information on VBASS Visa Online Page). 




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