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Visa developer in Colombia

I have questions regarding your product. I am from a company set up in Colombia, we need a service to allow people internationally to pay for our product.


What countries are available for this service?

Which currencys are available?

How much do you charge for each transaction?

What are the requirements for a company based in Colombia?

How can we transfer the money to colombia?  

Do you support tokenization or recurring payments?

Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Visa developer in Colombia

Hi there - thanks for your questions. 


Availability - please click here to see our Availability Matrix by Product API ( 


Pricing - because we are an open platform, there is no cost to you to develop your application using any of the APIs in the sandbox.  When you are ready to transition to production use of the APIs, there are fees for each of the APIs that are used.  Fees are evaluated by application as they are a function of many elements, including the nature of your application and your relationship with any existing Visa partner(s).  We treat production applications on a case by case basis and work with you to determine appropriate pricing. 


Currencies - all


Requirements and transfer - please review the documentation on this portal for the specific Product APIs you are interested in


Token/Recurring - yes, please review the Visa Token Service documentation


Let us know if you have any other questions after reading the API documentation




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