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visanet range

Hi i have company business account in Dubai how is possible to connect with visanet any one know
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Re: visanet range

Thank you for reaching out, @Razzaq213_ , An agent will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then, if any community member knows the solution, feel free to reply to this thread. 

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Re: visanet range

Hi @Razzaq213_ ,


We have Payment Methods APIs to integrate with VisaNet. Here's a link to the Payment Methods APIs:


If you want direct access to VisaNet, we have the Visa Payments Processing (VPP) API. Below are the links to the VPP API.

Visa Payments Processing Overview - 

Visa Payments Processing Documentation - 


If you have VisaNet account questions, you can fill out the Contact Visa Form below,  with what type of entity you are, ask your question then click submit.


Contact Visa Form - 



• The authorizations would happen through VisaNet, our electronic payments network.

• Only Financial institutions such as issuer/acquirer banks get an access to VisaNet. Very large merchants also get VisaNet access through different services.


For more information on VisaNet, navigate to this link - 



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