APIs monetization

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APIs monetization

I made an API that is quite successful, and I'd like to monetize it.

My first option would be to implement a subscription service using Stripe or similar. But I'd rather spend my time improving my API instead of handling payments and all what can go wrong with them.

My second option seems to be using an API marketplace. I know about RapidAPI, but I'm sure there are others.

My questions :

  • Which API marketplace do you use?

  • How happy are you about it?

  • What are the drawbacks?

Thank you all in advance 🙂

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Re: APIs monetization

Hi @Jessi_shats. Thank you for reaching out. You've reached the Visa Developer Platform. This platform is for the developer community, banks, and merchants to build solutions with our APIs to market to their customers. If you have questions on any of the APIs on Visa Developer, please let us know and we're happy to help. -Jenn