is down (Visa Development Portal Python Wrapper)

Regular Visitor is down (Visa Development Portal Python Wrapper)

Hi all,

I don't know where to point it out but (Visa Development Portal Python Wrapper) is down. I have been using google cache to read it but if someone could look into this that would be helpful! Thanks!



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Re: is down (Visa Development Portal Python Wrapper)

Hi @johndoe789,


I'm excited to learn that you're interested in Visa APIs. However, it looks like that's not a Visa website so you'll have to reach out to the appropriate person(s) that maintain that site. On the other hand, we do have a good amount of Visa API information here on our Visa Developer Center website.


Feel free to poke around our sandbox Code Explorer and API Explorer that's readily available for you to start testing code.


To access sandbox testing just navigate to the API documentation of your choice then follow the steps below to locate Sandbox Code Explorer.


Start Using Sandbox Code Explorer

  1. Go to API Browser and choose an API -
  2. From main API page click on 'View Docs'
  3. On API documentation page, look to the right of the browser and click on 'API Reference'
  4. From the API Reference page, look to the right and you'll find Code Explorer. Use Code Explorer to see Request and Sample Response.
  5. Please know, when you create a test App in sandbox you'll receive test data in your App. Test data for your Visa Developer application is available in the Dashboard under test data in the left navigation. This ensures you're using valid data that's provisioned for specific scenarios. 

Test Data.jpg

In addition to that, we also have API Explorer. API Explorer lets you choose the Product API, Endpoint and Method to see the Request and Response. Link to API Explorer -


Enjoy exploring our Visa APIs and let us know if you need help or have questions!






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