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Time of development

Do I have to estimate the development time? Can someone who has experience give me a hand? The application makes simple purchases online. They asked me to estimate the integration time of the VISA API, I searched on the internet, but I did not find anything.

Thank you four the help.

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Re: Time of development

Hello ,


Sure. Visa offers multiple payment methods. Please take a look at the below link for details.


In order to put together a development estimate, you could start with going through the above payment methods that are available, pick the right one for your Use case and start with a proof of concept by creating a project in VDP, connecting to the API in Sandbox and testing the same end to end along with your application. 


If you are new to Visa Developer Platform, be sure to check out on how to get started using the below link.





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Re: Time of development

more of the applcation developers provids payments methods for buying or purchases purpose.... more of the App developers using Visa API high security programming interface.... I was also using payment plugins in my GHD SPORTS  App for watching online Cricket and Football Entertainment videos..