Visa Direct with bank in Singapore / New Zealand


Visa Direct with bank in Singapore / New Zealand

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I've been looking for the way to establish the required info such as BIN for others that needed for Visa Direct / Visa Checkout. I''ve spoken to local banks in Singapore and New Zealand and they totally have no idea what I was referring to since they're not developers. 


Is there any list of contacts or channels that I could contact to acquirers or issuers directly instead of keeps finding the right person via telephone / visitting front counter ? 


I look forward to hearing from visa directly about this as I do really want to get statred with Visa Dirct / Visa Checkout for my company. Thanks

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Re: Visa Direct with bank in Singapore / New Zealand

Hello Seitee,


I would like to mention here few points to help you move in the right direction, first decide on your use case and user journey which have the clarity on what functionality you wish to provide through your solution. if you have done that, please share your use case, it seems unique for us with a mesh up two APIs. 


Visa Checkout and Visa Direct both are separate products for different functionality. As an aide to help determine if you are ready to move into production, as well as a tool to help Visa provide guidance to finding enabled acquirers or partners, developers can complete and submit the Visa Direct Implementation Questionnaire available on VDP:


For Visa checkout, you need merchant account with any bank and it provides you the enable the button to accepts payments on your web/App. 


I hope this is helpful.