pasarela de pago

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pasarela de pago

hola necesitamos un desarollador de pasarela de pagos tipo izettle / srpago / clips etc si hay alguien interesado en favor se pone en contacto gracias

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Re: pasarela de pago

Hi @mypay,


You can take a look at the VDP website for specific APIs that would be a good fit for your use case here - 
I've included links to Payment APIs below.
Payment Methods APIs        
Visa Checkout  
CyberSource Payments
We have an expert team that manages questions specific to CyberSource. Please reach out to the CyberSource team directly.
CyberSource Support - 800-709-7779  
Visa Direct  
In particular, if you are interested in using Visa Direct, see the top few paragraphs that are shaded in yellow that discuss the requirements to use Visa Direct.
After having read the documentation, if you meet those requirements, then please click through the link in those paragraphs to the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire, fill it out, and submit to the email address listed on that form.



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