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Visa Developer webinars gives you the chance to learn about APIs, new products and payment trends. Learn from Visa experts and developers.

  • How IoT is Unlocking New Opportunities in the Smart City
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    As cities become more and more connected through technology, new business and service models will pop up, creating the Smart City of Tomorrow. We want you to be able to build towards this future of connected, digital payments. 

    Tags: Connected Devices, IoT, Payments, Smart City

  • Getting Started with Visa Developer
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    In this interactive webinar, the Visa technology team will walk you through how to get started on our developer platform. Learn about credentials, where to find sample code on the platform and get best practices for testing in our Sandbox. 

    Tags: APIs, Developer, fintech, Payments, platform

  • Connecting with Cardholders
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    As an issuer, there are few things more important to your business than delivering seamless experiences for your cardholders. Learn how Visa Developer equips you with a wide range of solutions to help meet and exceed cardholder expectations. 

    Tags: APIs, cardholders, issuers, Payments, solutions

  • How to Win a Hackathon
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    Hackathons are highly competitive and even the most talented developers can break under pressure. Don't get the stress get to you, watch Visa Developer's How To Win a Hackathon for tips on desing, pitching and even team formation. This will save you time so you can focus on a winning hackathon demo. 

    Tags: code, demo

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