Biometrics over Passwords? Watch how Biometrics works

Community Manager

Goodbye, passwords. Hello, biometrics.


Forgetting a password, it’s happened to so many people and it can be very annoying. But this could all soon become a thing of the past as people become more comfortable with new forms of biometrics authentication.


A new Visa survey of 1,000 Americans exploring awareness and perceptions of biometric authentication confirms that consumers continue to have a strong interest in new biometric technologies that make their lives easier.


Among 1,000 Americans surveyed, the findings revealed:

  • More than the 65 percent of consumers are already familiar with biometrics1
  • 86 percent of consumers are interested in using biometrics to verify identity or to make payments
  • 70 percent of consumers believe that biometrics are easier and 46 percent think they are more secure than using passwords or PINs

Get the full survey details here.


Curious on how Biometrics works? The Visa Security team takes us behind the scene in the video below.



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