2021 Visa Developer Survey Recap: How You Helped Shape the Direction of Our Platform

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We love hearing your feedback every year in our Visa Developer User Survey to learn what we can do as a developer platform team to improve your experience. Based on your feedback we have begun implementing several changes to the platform to improve your experience. This year, we would also like to share some of our raw data to show you what you, the users, look like! 


What did we change?


All products on Visa Developer now include a new API Reference layout and format. The launch was done to ensure we’re up to date with modern API standards.


Along with a fresh look and feel, functionality improvements include:

  • View and consume Visa API specs per the latest API standards and technologies – as supported by their respective Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) and Release tools.
  • Download API reference and use it for generating code for automation, maintainability, and generation of test cases.
  • Take advantage of Conditional attributes (allOf, anyOf, oneOf).
  • Inline API Reference search and results.

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Understanding the global nature of our user base, we’ve worked hard over the last year to increase support across our regions  One component of this is the expansion of our support staff to provide 24x5 assistance. We are also working to add additional self-service tools to reduce your need to contact support at all for certain issues.


As always, we continue to launch additional developer tools and resources for our products that are available in your project dashboard under “Assets. These assets are intended to help speed up your development life cycle and ease the burden on your teams.

We are constantly adding new features to the platform so keep an eye on our release notes to stay up to date with the latest changes.


What other data did we collect?


Most of our respondents were developers, and about a quarter were product or business. A minority consider themselves a hybrid of both, and the smallest group said they were none of the above.


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We’re excited to build the future with you!



50% of respondents work at a fintech.png

50% of respondents work at a Fintech






Top 4 programming languages.png



Java is the most popularly used programming language by the developers who responded to the survey. Closely following is JavaScript. We use this data to help determine what languages to prioritize in our APIs.


Among open-ended responses, we’ve received feedback about our documentation, support, and developer tools. We also heard about a desire for more guidance in learning about payments and connecting to other players in the payments space.

Did you know you can do just that on Visa Partner? Visit Visa Partner’s payments education to learn about the industry and check out the Partner Directory to see who you might be able to partner with to build your product.

If you have feature requests or any other feedback to share let us know in the comments.


By the way, we want to hear from you again this year! Check your inbox for an e-mail from Visa Developer titled “Tell us about your experience with the Visa Developer Platform” to participate. The URL you receive is unique to your Visa Developer account. 100 randomly selected respondents will receive a $50 Visa gift card as a thank you from us! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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User researcher on the survey project here! 👋  Thanks to everyone who is sharing feedback. 😊


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