Congrats to our Visa Dev Launch Challenge Winners!

Community Manager

We recently held a special webinar and challenged attendees with four tasks to help them learn their way around the newly redesigned community experience.


And the winners are…


  1. Stephanie Campbell - @SCampbell 
  2. Kenya Chase @KenyaChaseNFCU 
  3. Jose Delgado - @jldelgado 
  4. Wendy Gao-Yin - @coolio982 
  5. Andreas Harpas - @Andreas 
  6. Ville Hansson - @VilleH 
  7. David Hernando @davidhernando 
  8. Nitin Narayan - @NitinN 
  9. Farhan Ali Shah - @syedfarhanali 
  10. Swarit Sharma - @swaritsharma 

These lucky Visa Developer Community members are getting the newest branded swag package and $100 Visa Gift Card.


Congrats! 🎉


Artboard 1winners.png


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Thanks @ricardo_visa & congratulations!!  rest of the community members. Let's keep building with Visa🤝

New Contributor

Thank you, Ricardo! Congratulations everyone. Enjoyed the webinar and looking forward to more.

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Congratulations to all Winners 🏅

New Contributor

Thanks! and congrats to all the winners!


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Thanks @ricardo_visa and all community members.

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Thanks Ricardo and congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to seeing more events!

Thanks Ricardo!! 

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Thank you Visa & thank you @ricardo_visa for this opportunity. 🙏 Well, now I can safely say I can get lucky too 😋 Congratulations to all my fellow winners! 


Looking forward to more engaging sessions in the future. Perhaps, we could have sessions on each Visa product for the dev community. @ricardo_visa, Visa could create Certification programs for the dev community to get more engagement and mileage. 


All the best guys!


Congratulations to all Winners😉


Congrats to all the winners who are successful in complete their tasks. 

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Congrats! Big Thank you to Ricardo! 


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