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Developers, Demos and Drones: Visa’s First Meetup Recap

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Bay Area developers came to Visa’s San Francisco office for the company’s first developer meetup on July 26th.  







The Innovate with Visa Meetup Group was launched early July and for the inaugural Meetup the event focused on highlighting Innovation at Visa. (Join to know when the next one is happening!






For many, this was their first time at the One Market offices…we made sure they got a glimpse of the office view of the Bay during registration. Not bad, right?  







During the networking portion, attendees were able to experience three payment demos.







Stadium Demo for GearVR: Uses Visa Checkout API for you to purchase concert ticket seats and merchandise in a VR experience.


Peer to Peer Mobile Payments: Uses Visa Direct to pay friends who are in your contact list


Fitbit Demo: Workout with your Fitbit on get paid when you exercise






The event kicked-off with a panel speaking on Innovation Enabled by Developers. The panel included:

  • Paul Walsh, SVP of Platform Strategy and Innovation
  • Matt Smith, VP Visa Developer Platform
  • Amit Singh, VP of Product Development for the Visa Developer Platform
  • Ilkay Can, Sr. Director of Client Engagement for Visa Developer




Panelists spoke on the strategy of the Visa Developer Platform, how the technology team is focusing on the developer experience, how developers new to the payments landscape should approach Visa APIs and what to keep in mind when dealing with transactions and security.


Presentations wrapped-up with three developers pitching for a chance to win a Fitbit. Developers were challenged to present an idea that mashed up Visa Developer APIs with third-party APIs to create mind blowing experiences in commerce.


  • Kevin Chen - to integrate Merchant Locator API, Locate ATMs API, and a third party Google API to create heat maps or ranking scores for each city showing if cash should be taken out before visiting.
  • Alvin Wang - Scan and Pay using Visa Direct.
  • Zafar Siddiqui – Conversational billings and payments

Congrats to Siddiqui for winning the pitch and taking home the Fitbit!




The event ended with attendees getting a tour of the Visa Innovation Lab.  Developers were able to experience Visa’s vision for the future of payments, in transportation, renting a vacation home and the future of retail and a connected store.




If you missed the Meetup, make sure to join the Innovate with Visa Meetup Group to stay-up-to-date on our next Meetup in San Francisco.


For developers in other parts of the world, the Meetup will hit the road soon, stay tuned!


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