Introducing the Visa Developer Partner Showcase

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The new Visa Developer Partner Showcase highlights how our partners are using Visa APIs in market


This last February marks two years since we opened up the Visa network with the launch of the Visa Developer Platform. Since then, we have had the honor to work with many clients and developers from around the world to build solutions that meet the demands of consumers and merchants who are looking to delight their customers with more innovative, secure and easier ways to pay.


In two years, we’ve dramatically enhanced the developer portal to create a better experience by adding solution pages, more documentation for developers and easier ways to connect with us.


In two years, we’ve added more APIs to the portal, nearly reaching 100 Visa APIs for you to explore and test.  


In two years, we’ve seen key clients and partners go-to-market with commerce solutions that help create seamless and secure payment experiences for their users…enabled by Visa Developer Platform.


“We live in a time where digital and physical worlds are constantly colliding, offering endless ways for you to evolve how you operate and delight your customers,” said Paul Walsh, Senior Vice President, Visa Platform Strategy and Innovation. ”Our growing platform of APIs is helping clients and partners around the world transform great ideas into exciting digital commerce experiences.”


What have our Partners Built?


Glad you asked. We are excited to introduce a new feature called the Visa Developer Partner Showcase. The Partner Showcase highlights how some of our partners from all around the world are using Visa Developer Platform APIs to build commerce experiences for their end users.


Experiences like using Foreign Exchange Rate APIs to simplify currency for traveling cardholders, or using Visa Direct to let customers make digital payments by scanning a QR code at POS or using Mobile Location Confirmation to give users added fraud protection on their Visa cards.


Each Partner Page is Unique


Our partners come from different parts of the world, working to meet the needs of their customers. We invite you to explore each individual partner page, and learn the approach that worked for them; some needed one Visa API for their solution mixed with other APIs and others required a mash-up of APIs. No matter the route taken, we are excited to have enabled all of these experiences and to now be able to share more about their paths to success with you.


“The Visa Developer Platform was very simple to use, it was rich with documentation on how to go about the integration process and it was very well organized in general. It greatly enhanced our efficiency.” – Thomas Matthew, Software Architect, Interswitch


“Pulse iD has been rapidly scaling across APAC, our partnership with Visa has helped us navigate a very complex landscape.” – Alex Topaloski, CEO, Pulse iD


“Having access to defined APIs, all the documentation and sample code was perfect to help us scope out how they would fit into our existing platform—saving us time in getting a working solution up and running. Throughout the entire process the experience was brilliant and it’s great to see Visa providing an area where technology companies can access APIs readily to help ensure great solutions can be delivered to market at speed.” – Andrew Will, Product Owner, Fraedom


Real Results


Most of all, we want you to get inspired and see the possibilities. We are showcasing these partners because we want others to create similar results. For example:


  • UWCU: With a 3-month goal of 15,000 unique enrollments out of 175,000 qualified cardholders, UWCU realized 15,000 enrollments in seven days and almost 50,000 enrollments after just four months following the launch of its app.
  • Combine: The Global ATM Map was one of the fastest to deliver features and one of the most popular amongst their users

Check out the Visa Developer Partner Showcase today and get inspired to build with Visa APIs.


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