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This month's updates include tips for developers adjusting to working from home, a Q&A with the women who help make the Visa Developer portal run, plus resources to help you understand Visa Developers Pricing and Contracts structure. Didn't get this newsletter in your email? Make sure you opt-in to receiving marketing communications on your Visa Developer account settings. 




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A Programmer's Guide to WFH




We’re thinking of our dev community and hope you all are staying safe. Many of you may now be WFH (working from home) so we started a thread with tips to help you adjust and stay productive. We’d love for you to contribute – there’s never been a better time to connect, converse and help out!


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Have you ever met a more inspirational team? 




This year we wanted to highlight the women who help make the Visa Developer Platform run. They champion change in the tech industry, overcoming diversity in what is sometimes known as a "man's world".


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Visa Dev Spotlight: Manu Ashok




Manu is from India and by day is a Technical Solution Consultant at Loyalty Prime but when she gets the time is active helping other Visa Devs and was successful in implementing Visa Offers Platform APIs.  


Get to know Manu here!








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Featured Dev Topic: API Pricing and How to Commercialize Your App




You asked for more clarity on developer pricing, and we listened. Plus learn the ins and outs of our API contracts structure. 


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Most Viewed Question : Can you receive transaction info from Merchants without Merchant ID? 




@derby asked if there was an API that provides instant transaction information notification when a registered card is swiped at a registered Merchant (both in store and online)?


Find our which API here





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Join our upcoming Visa Developer Webinar April 15th to learn how to configure two-way ssl keystore using your own CSR with Open SSL. Register here. 



Thax this webinar will be helpful


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