October Visa Dev Spotlight: Pungle Team

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This month our spotlight goes to the Fintech, Pungle. Hear from their team and CTO @brauliolam, leave a comment or kudo below!





Q Tell us a little bit about Pungle, how did it get started? How big is the team?


A. Pungle was started in April 2017 out of various conversations with industry leaders in the payments sector.  At the time, it was clear to us that real-time payments were going to be a big part of the future as on-demand services were becoming more common in society.  It helped that from the beginning, we received strong support from Visa and various merchant acquirers.  We run a very lean startup and so our team is currently 6 people and growing.


Q: What is Pungle currently working on and which Visa APIs does it leverage?


A: Pungle enables businesses to make real-time digital payments to customers and suppliers. We are focused on removing Business Payment Friction by making payments fast, connected, and easy to use by enabling businesses to make deposits in real-time directly to an account in seconds, not days. 


We connect to various Visa APIs, including Visa Direct, PAV and PAAI.  We have build a payments platform that makes use of these APIs and other proprietary technology in order to provide a seamless integration where our clients are able to enable their use-cases in days from an integration perspective.


Q: What interested you in the Visa Developer Center?


A: We learned early on that leveraging the Visa Developer Center and the various experts that are part of the community was important for us as we embarked in building a modern payments platform.  The amount of advice, expertise and examples makes this an invaluable resource.


Q: If you were an API, what would you be? Why? 😀


A: A real-time fraud API – there’s so much interesting data and patterns in payments and it is so challenging to catch the bad guys in the act!


Q: What do you love most about coding?


A: Being able to bring to live solutions and innovations to real-life problems


Q: What was the first thing you built with code?


A: A Christmas tree in Basic


Q: What’s the most exciting thing about being a developer in the payments industry for you?


A: The ability to innovate in an industry that has not changed much in the way money moves.  With today’s technologies and cloud infrastructures, we are able to really move the dial and introduce innovative, state of the art applications to both consumers and businesses.


Q: Any tips for developers exploring payments?


A: Everything you build has to be built with reliability, scalability and security in mind.


Q: What has it been like working with Visa Developer so far? What have you learned?


A: So far it has been a pleasant experience.  The Visa Developer team is very knowledgeable and has been able to provide us with guidance throughout our journey.  The forum is critical to everything we do.


Q: Anything else to add?


A: Developers should not be afraid of reaching out to Visa Developer as they dream up solutions to real problems.




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