Show off your Visa Developer Skills with New Community Badges, Ranks and more!

Community Scholar

No shame in showing off. 


New to the Visa Developer Community: Badges, Ranks and a Personalized Profile Page for you superstar developers. 


As a fresh user to the Visa Developer Community, your rank will be "Newbie." Things will change the more engaged you are with the forum and blogs. Post a forum question, unlock the Forum Badge. Recieve a Kudo from a fellow dev, unlock the Kudo badge (full list of badges here).





Before you know it, your rank will move from Newbie, to Helper, to Valued Supporter.  Do you think you can get to the higest rank of Community Scholar? Get the full list of ranks and how it works here


As part of making the Community a place for you to show off your API skills, we want you to personalize it with content you want to see. On the Community Homepage you will see a "Personalize" option, click on that to activate it. You get to determine topics you want to see on there. Next time you log on, you'll get content based off your interest. Read more on personalizing your page here. 


The Visa Developer team has some great things in store for those that reach the highest rank, continue to stay engaged and share ideas on what kind of badges you want to see or content we should be providing. 


Happy coding! 


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