Visa Developer Hits the Road to Inspire Account Executives

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Visa Developer’s Client Engagement team will be stopping in every region this year, hosting a series of “Roadshows” to help Visa Account Executives learn more about Visa Developer Center’s products, solutions and APIs.


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Since launching in February 2016, interest from financial institutions and other client partners to enhance apps with Visa APIs has taken off at full speed. Due to the high demand from clients to learn more about the API economy and how it could benefit them, the VDP Client Engagement team is making sure Visa’s Account Executives are well equipped with the proper tools, platform knowledge and API use-case understanding to help Visa’s existing and new clients build out innovative payment solutions for their customers. The team wants to make sure the people that know their clients the best are well versed in the language of APIs and accelerating commerce innovation.


“Visa Account Executives understand the nuances of their clients’ pain points and opportunities, and how to talk to them about best-in-class solutions. We want to make sure AEs know and can communicate that Visa Developer provides innovative APIs to solve digital problems for clients.” Ilkay Can – Head of Client Engagement, Visa Developer




APIs Can Deliver Convenience to Customers


The VDP Regional Roadshows highlight the value APIs can have in improving a client’s bottom line by increasing cardholder satisfaction or increasing efficiency and lowering cost. It communicates to AEs in order for issuers and banks to stay competitive; they must join the open API race, and build mobile and digital solutions with Visa technologies. Attendees are taken through common pain-points and how clients could develop their solutions and combine different Visa APIs into client solution bundles with the aim to create winning opportunities for a variety of end-users.  


“We took a storytelling approach that focused on telling stories about customer pain points. Using an approach like this with relatable stories helps drive a better understanding of the business outcome and value that can be addressed by Visa API solution bundles,” Charles Tsang, Global Marketing, Visa Developer Platform


“The Visa Developer Roadshow has demonstrated that meaningful client conversations around APIs are driven by empathic storytelling. They start with 'what problem are you trying to solve' and end with 'let's build together,” Piers Clough - Europe Visa Developer Product Lead.


Learn by Doing


Knowing why APIs will help clients is one way of inspiring AEs, but also putting them through an API “bootcamp” seals the deal . APIs can be complex and a foreign world, so the Visa Developer Client Engagement team is committed to debunk myths and show our sales team how developers build and what goes behind how to create an app from scratch! Here was the reaction from our raving fans:


“Well organized with some great external guests and exercises to bring context and understanding to these complex capabilities.”


“This has been very inspirational 2 days, will take a lot back with me to improve client conversations.”


So far, the Roadshows have made a stop in London and Hong Kong, both well received by attendees with a 9/10 satisfactory rating.

The team hopes to continue to host the workshops and bring them straight to Visa clients.


Connect with your AE or the Visa Developer team ( to learn more about these Roadshows and how you can be involved or support.



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