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Watch: FinTech Enhances Bank Chatbot with Visa APIs

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“Where is the closest ATM?” or “Please cancel my card” examples of new digital capabilities using Finn AI technology and Visa Developer Platform APIs


Finn AI plans to enable new capabilities in conversation banking chatbots and artificial intelligence, powered by the Visa Developer Platform.


This collaboration will see the Vancouver-based fintech use Visa Developer Platform APIs to enhance their conversational AI technology to provide a more personalized experience for banks to interact with their customers, including re-imagining the travel experience for cardholders. For example, a customer could chat with a virtual assistant and follow an easy, intuitive process to ensure their cards are optimized while they are travelling; from turning on travel notifications before departing, retrieving foreign exchange rates while at the airport, and locating the nearest ATM at their destination.  A customer could even disable a misplaced card to ensure protection against fraudulent transactions through a simple, natural conversation.




"We are very excited to team up with Visa Canada to leverage the Visa Developer APIs," stated Jake Tyler, CEO at Finn AI. "This will help banks meet consumers' needs on their terms, allowing them to set travel notifications, flag fraudulent transactions, manage subscriptions and more – as easily as chatting to their friends – 24/7 in the channels of their choice. This simple digital access delivers strong value to banks, reducing in-bound calls and helping them stay top of wallet."


Finn.AI says they have been working to enable Visa Controls API to allow people to temporarily freeze or put their card on hold when they are in a lost scenario. Visa Transaction Controls provide a powerful and convenient way for cardholders to track and manage all payment activity on enrolled accounts and tokens. 


VTC control-types let cardholders place their own rules on a payment card's use and when to be notified of different financial events. Independent alert and decline settings can be tailored to different  transaction and merchant types (e.g. ATM, Ecom, Gasoline, Gambling...) or can be applied to all payment account activity.


Explore VTC and start testing the APIs by viewing the documentation here. 



About Finn AI


Finn AI is an award-winning, AI-powered virtual assistant built for personal banking and finance. We put a personal banker in every bank customer's pocket, helping them to manage their money wherever they are, whatever they need - via a simple, natural conversation.


The Finn AI team of data scientists, engineers, and financial industry experts helps banks and credit unions transform customer engagement and increase financial literacy, while delivering the convenience and savings of a digital-first experience.


Today we have successful public deployments in three languages with a growing global customer base that includes ATB Financial, Bank of Montreal (BMO), Banpro Grupo Promerica, and Commonwealth Bank.


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