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A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

Win a trip to Paris!



In the forum thread below tell us: "What do you enjoy most about working with the Visa Developer platform?" Doesn't have to be long, whatever you feel is right! Your post will be your entry for a chance to win.

We’ll judge all posts using the following criteria – highest scoring will win the trip:



Originality/Creativity of Entry – 35%;


Appropriateness to Theme – 25%;


Clarity – 20%;


Mention of Specific Portal feature You Enjoy – 20%

No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win. Open to legal US & DC residents, 18+ who are Visa Developer Center members as of 4/15/19. Read the full contest rules, eligibility details, how to enter and judging criteria here.


You have until 11:59 PM ET on April 23, 2019 to post your submission below.

We have partnered with The Visa Everywhere Initiative team to send one Visa Dev Community member to Paris. The grand prize not only includes a trip for the winner to attend the Visa Everywhere Initiative Program Finals (June 6, 2019 – June 9, 2019) in Paris, France, but also includes:


  • Round-trip economy class air transportation for one (1) person from a major U.S. gateway airport nearest the winner’s home to Paris, France
  • Ground transportation from/to hotel/Event in Paris
  • Three (3) nights’ hotel accommodations (one room, single occupancy)
  • One (1) admission ticket to the Women’s World Cup Opening match on June 7, 2019
  • One (1) admission ticket with reserved seating to the Visa Everywhere Initiative Women Global Edition Finals on June 7, 2019
  • A Visa® prepaid card valued at $400 USD, and
  • Sponsor-specified Women’s World Cup merchandise


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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

What I enjoy most about working with the Visa Developer platform is the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience from developers I get to interact with from around the globe! Sharing knowledge is power, and this gives us the chance to share knowledge with thousands of folks I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to 🙂

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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

I enjoy the amount of APIs I can explore that has robust documentation. Very rare to find and it really has helped me understand how Visa APIs work better. 

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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

What I find fascinating about Visa developer platform is the vast amout of APIs available to execute many creative ideas. In my context as a beginner, I believe the tools available makes provision to serve underserved communities a possibility. For example, these communities may not have a physical disability but the new Visa Global Accessibilty Requirements comes in handy to address the often neglected community members in such climes. I believe that experienced members and sucessful projects also gives one a template and the chance to learn from best practices, while the documentation available gives people like myself an edge.
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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

Since joining the Visa Developer Platform Community, it has been very enlightening to interact with other developers around the globe.  To read their posts and questions for the ever-changing payment landscape, with new start-ups, use cases, new payment flows and opportunities for consumers, businesses and communities and how others are embracing these changes in the discussions is a wonderful forum.  The ability to ask programming and processing questions and receive responses in the forum threads in a conversational setting is so beneficial. As visa adds new APIs for the changing landscape and giving developers access and to learn about them is amazing.

The videos that are available that allow the knowledge sharing of the new Visa capabilities, best business practices and information on staying compliant with Visa processing I find to be a great addition for the developer community. What I enjoy most about working with the developer platform is the ability to learn more every time I log in.

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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

this is a nice blog.

keep posting such wonderful information.


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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

What I enjoy most about the the VDP is that I know I will be able to get what I need - overviews that help me decide which api(s) to use, complete documentation, outstanding reference, input/output, and sample code. My favorite thing is the code explorer pop-up window in each api reference, which is simply awesome. The variety of information, tailored to specific needs, is fantastic. I can do a webinar or search the blog or ask a specific question in the forum (which will be answered). Simply put, Visa is the absolute best developer site I have worked with - perhaps because it was put together with the perspective of "these developers know nothing and need everything" instead of "these developers are familiar with our internal lingo and can figure out the details". 

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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

VISA API documentation is very well written and very well organized. In fact, it is probably one of the best systems and business documentation on the web. The Code Explorer of the VISA API platform is my favorite part where I usually find all the answers. There are code examples in many computer languages and youtube video tutorials. Plus there is excellent forum support. So, I always feel - they have got us covered!

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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

Being an engineer in a startup with big dreams but a small dev team constantly exposes you to a lot topics from disparate domains, from typical web development to big data platforms, from C++ multimedia filters to hosting applications at scale. Quickly getting up to speed with the new domain, to then deep dive into the details is fundamental for success in this environment, but unfortunately most companies fail at providing guides that are good for experts and beginners alike. Not Visa. I was immediately impressed with how much effort was put into creating a cohesive experience across the VDP. General concepts are explained, the individual APIs are grouped in categories and case studies that make sense, each API is carefully documented and the API explorer shows you exactly how it's going to behave. The ability to ask for help through the forums, and obtain it from company representatives, is refreshing since it allows you to search and save time if your problem was already discussed.

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Re: A Chance to Win a Trip to Paris - Submission Details

I love Visa Developer Center because it has all the features a developer portal need to have , and laid out beautifully and intuitively with user experience in mind. 

  • Public API ref documentation
  • Use case approach and offering solutions
  • Self enrollment to Sandbox
  • Upload/Create CSRs
  • API console
  • SDKs
  • Dashboard-All the things you want at a glance
  • Community
  • A chance to trip to Paris.

Love it all.