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Switching an existing BIN with to another legal entity during a divestiture

I am running a project to separate the local bank in a country from a large global bank as it is being sold to another bank. Therefore, we are separating our VISA cards from the larger bank portfolio and creating our own. My questions is since the BIN numbers (two of them for the smaller bank are unique for that bank in that country, can I use the existing BIN number for NEWCO card systems, by deregistering those two BIN numbers for the large global bank and maintaining them for use by NEWCO? Of course, this would be done in a coordinated manner with VISA where we deregister the Two BIN numbers for the global bank and apply to register them with NEWCO, Then we would cutover the coward portfolio to the NEWCO card systems and remove that same card portfolio from the large global bank we have just separated from.


Is this possible, or do I need to apply for two new BIN numbers for NEWCO? Thanks in advance for any help proffered.

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Re: Switching an existing BIN with to another legal entity during a divestiture



Thank you for your inquiry. In order for me to assist you, could you please provide me some information. Do you have an assigned Visa Representative (if you do, please contact them directly)? Which API are using? Which country are you located in? 


If you have additional questions, please reach out to me at and I can assist you there. 


Thank you, 


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