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Before I get started - Can we talk to an expert at Visa

We are thinking about using the Visa API to extend the capabilities of our first growing mobile payments app. We also already have a potential Bank to sponsor us in production. However, before we commit time and write any code we were wondering if its possible to speak to an expert to (i) Review our solution and advise , especially on compliance issues (ii) Advise on the non technical proccesses , especially going live in our region/country. Thank you 

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Re: Before I get started - Can we talk to an expert at Visa

Hello @arwaakatungu


Could you please provide me your detailed use case on what you plan to do with our APIs so i can assist you accordingly. 


Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case  


If there is an API that fits your needs and you have some additional questions, please let me know. 


Thank you, 


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Re: Before I get started - Can we talk to an expert at Visa


Thank you for your reply. We would like to use the Visa Direct API but in a closed loop scenario. Together with our sponsoring bank we shall issue co-branded Prepaid Visa Cards to our customers. The functionality we require is below 






Get Balance

Get balance on users Prepaid Acccount



Deposit funds onto users Prepaid Account 



Remove funds from the wallet e.g. to Buy Airtime, Buy Tickets, Shop online etc



Transfer funds from one Xente Account holder to another Xente Account holder (Closed loop)



Get notifications when users account is debited or credited 


Looking at the API, it has all the functionality other than Get Balance. Again, we are only interested in having this functionality with cards we issue. 
Please advise what we need to do to make this happen 

On another note, do you have functionality for issuing Virtual Prepaid Cards 


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