Re: About to send the Questionnaire


About to send the Questionnaire

I'm a software developer working on behalf of a company that needs Visa Direct in their website.

The website has some functionality already implemented using the Visa Sandbox.

We want to contact Visa to get things going.
The way to go is send the "VisaDirect_Program_Implementation_Questionnaire.pdf", is that right?
Should I be using the "Going Live" available at the sandbox at this moment?

My understanding is that is should be answered by the company for who I'm working, but there are some questions I have.

In the last page who is "you", "acquirer" and "service provider"?

Should that file be sent by me, the company or some other entity?

To summarize, what is exactly the procedure to go online?


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Re: About to send the Questionnaire



Yes, please have your client fill in the questionaire and submit to the respective region email address mentioned on the questionaire.


" You " is your client, acquirer is the acquiring bank and service provider is your client's service provider. 


Process for going live is given in the below link.


if you have any specific questions in promoting your project, please reach out to Someone will be in touch with you.