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Go live URL

Greetings developers, well I have a question I'm integrating visa checkout, and the tests work. And yesterday it receives the production credentials, but I don't know which URL I should use for production. because the sandbox url is not working with production credentials. Can someone help me. Thank you very much in advance

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Hi, @Vejaso. Thank you for your question! Our agent is looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then, if any community member knows a solution, please share it here. -Jenn

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Hi @Vejaso


To integrate with Visa Checkout, use the JavaScript SDK and Visa Checkout Mobile SDKs. There is no need to make any API calls to implement the Visa Checkout service. For details on how to get started with Visa Checkout, refer to Docs.


Are you working with a Visa Partner to integrate Visa Checkout? If so, please reach out to them regarding any technical questions.